The struggle to achieve the perfect eyebrows is real. Between plucking, shaping, and penciling, maintaining the ideal arch is an endless chore that rarely turns out the way you want. That’s why you should avoid the hassle and disappointment by trying a microblading procedure, today’s hottest eyebrow trend!

The process is semi-permanent and designed to enhance your look through careful pigmentation and shaping. Instead of painstakingly sculpting your own brows or even tattooing your face, consider giving this revolutionary procedure a shot.

How Does Microblading Work?

Microblading could best be described as eyebrow architecture. No two faces are the same, so why should people’s eyebrows have the same shape, color, or thickness? You need a long-term, but not permanent solution that’s designed to match and accentuate the shape of your face. Let’s take a closer look at the method itself and how it finally solves one of the most frustrating cosmetic challenges.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Microblading is performed using a fine needle-tipped pen that precisely threads your existing hairs while creating light scratches that add pigmentation and shape to the brow. These pigmented scratches create realistic, natural-looking hair strokes. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Shape, thread, and prepare brow area
  2. Apply topical numbing ointment
  3. Measure facial features for shaping
  4. Add pigmentation through light needling
  5. Apply finishing layer of pigment and clean

Most recommend a 6-8 week follow-up visit after the first session to fill in any gaps and touch up areas that haven’t healed properly. The results will blow you away!

How is it Different from Tattooing?

While some would categorize both microblading and tattooing as permanent cosmetic procedures, they couldn’t be more different. Tattoos penetrate into deep layers of skin and last forever. The process of applying them is also not nearly as precise, nor are the results as realistic.

On the other hand, microblading uses no scary-sounding tattoo guns, no deep-penetrating needles, and doesn’t last a lifetime. Only light surface scratches with your pigmentation are applied to the skin. And in the rare occasion that you’re not pleased with the results, the color will fade within 18 months so you won’t haunted by a lifelong decision that you regret.

What Does it Feel Like?

If you asked a handful of people to list their biggest fears, some of them will inevitably say needles. No one enjoys being poked and prodded, but luckily the microblading process is minimally invasive and completely pain-free.

Cosmetologists ensure that those undergoing the procedure feel no discomfort by applying a topical ointment that numbs the eyebrow area. Once it takes effect you’ll feel a sensation, but no pain. The whole procedure takes under two hours, most of which is spent waiting for the numbing ointment work its magic. You have nothing to fear!

The results of microblading speak for themselves. No other method produces perfectly-shaped, long-lasting brows that you’re sure to love and show off to your friends. Call the microblading experts at Brow Envy today for your appointment!